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Welcome to Snack Pack. We are committed to providing healthy snacks at the highest quality that support health and wellbeing at the most competitive prices. What's more we will deliver it to your door. It seems like a big ask to tick all those boxes but we reckon we have mastered it. 

We source our products from around the world and locally where we can, often from small uniquely dedicated food artisans. We are passionate about our great tasting snacks and the pleasure of sharing it with each other. So go on browse our menu and let us provide you with these tasty treats, you wont regret it.



Tonic Room, Kingsland review

July 31, 2014

  Step of the main street of Kingsland into this beauty and wellness sanctuary, that is the Tonic Room. Tonic Room is a modern day apothecary owned and designed by one of our special friends, Katherine Lonsdale Cooper.  Kaths' dream was to create a unique and inviting home to a comprehensive range of boutique, high-end, natural health and beauty products. Being present in this elegant space you instantly gain a sense of relaxation and calm, with a hint touch of glamour, you won’t want to leave, so don’t! Take your time to explore and indulge in the bounty of  brands that they have to offer including, Herbivore botanicals, Lurk Perfumes , Maison Balzer, Ilia make up and MCMC Fragrances oils (my fav), to...

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Winter Weekly Wellness (WWW) Tips

July 28, 2014

Did you start 2014 pumped, setting out on an exciting journey of a new, cleaner and more balanced you? Tackling 2014 set to achieve all those new year resolutions is so exciting and motivating at the beginning of a new year but now that its almost August and winter is well and truly upon us, are you finding yourself a little less motivated and potentially slipping back into some not so clean or empowering habits? For those of you who are feeling a little demotivated, WE HEAR YA! The days are so much shorter, the air is colder and for us this also means that some of the wellness goals we set for ourselves this year have gone by the...

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The Smoothie Club - what is it, when is it and why you should come along.....

June 16, 2014

What is it? The Smoothie Club has been created by the inspiring, Kim Renshaw, founder of Kimmithgone Hemp seed Oil.  Kim started this club as a way for like minded, wellness, sustainability and health conscious people to come together in beautiful spaces to discuss hot topics such as, superfoods, healthy fats, smoothies, nut milks, fermented foods and the fabulous kitchen accessories that assist us to get the best nutrient value from our daily food intake.  The most recent one held in the stunning space Heaven Scent was focussing on nut milks, why to avoid the tetra packed options and how to create them at home.  Kim, with crowd participation, demonstrated how to make pumpkin seed, cashew, almond and coconut milks. If you remembered...

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Creamy GF Chicken and Bacon Carbonara by Millie x

May 27, 2014

Say hello to this delicious winter warming recipe coming your way, sure to nip those pasta cravings in the bud pronto.   We also invite you to say hello to the beautiful lady behind this delicious recipe, Millie from Clean Eatz NZ. Millie is an inspiring young lady, having overcome addiction and personal tragedy she has let these challenging experiences transform & open her eyes to a new kind of world that is centred around good times, well-being, fitness and clean living.   With so many fitness blogs and facebook wellness pages emergung its sometimes hard to keep up, but we at SnackPack were immediately drawn to Millies, firstly because of the AMAZING pictures she posts of her delicious LCHF...

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