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Welcome to Snack Pack. We are committed to providing healthy snacks at the highest quality that support health and wellbeing at the most competitive prices. What's more we will deliver it to your door. It seems like a big ask to tick all those boxes but we reckon we have mastered it. 

We source our products from around the world and locally where we can, often from small uniquely dedicated food artisans. We are passionate about our great tasting snacks and the pleasure of sharing it with each other. So go on browse our menu and let us provide you with these tasty treats, you wont regret it.



Weekly Winter Wellbeing tip No.4 - GOALS

August 19, 2014

  Goals Setting goals is a powerful way to provide focus and direction, helping you achieve what you want in life. Goal setting provides a strong call to action, specific steps to take, and a clear framework from which to measure success.   Powerful goals are aligned with your values and lead you towards your ideal life, so start by figuring out what you really want in life! Write it down and then work backwards from there to set your goals. Start with 10-year goals, then 5-year, then 1-year, remembering that each step along the way should take you towards what you really want in life. Powerful goals are written in the present tense (e.g., “I am”, “I have”, etc);...

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Weekly Winter Wellbeing tip No.3

August 11, 2014

Planning & preparation Where most people fall down on the food front is by failing to plan and prepare. Planning and preparation helps avoid poor food choices and reduces over-eating. Being well-prepared also provides a sense of control, which will boost your confidence in your ability to make healthy choices and stick to the lifestyle you aspire to. All of these factors encourage a positive mindset, helping to keep you on track.   Lunches If you struggle to think of nutritious foods for lunches, or there’s a serious lack of purchasable healthy options around you, try cooking enough dinner to cover lunches for the following day. When you’re serving up your dinner, actually dish it out into containers for lunch...

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Air NZ Health Beauty and Wellbeing Expo

August 11, 2014

                                               This past weekend we were invited to be an exhibitor at Air NZ staff Health, Beauty and Wellbeing Expo. The expo was provided for the cabin crew of Air NZ with a focus on helping them to achieve the very best version of themselves. There were fabulous interactive demos from Toni & Guy, Smashbox, Caci and Style consultants.  They provided amazing make up, hair, skin and clothing tips to help everyone feel glamourous and they also had booths set up so all of the visitors could get their hair and make up done on the day, everyone...

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Weekly Winter Wellbeing tip No.2

August 04, 2014

  Sleep Most of us know that poor sleep impacts our brain function, mood, and energy levels. Did you also know that poor sleep can lead to weight gain and other health issues? Sleep deprivation increases your appetite, impairs glucose metabolism and increases insulin production, and increases cortisol levels, all of which can lead to weight gain. Tiredness also decreases our ability to exert self-control and make healthy food choices.   If you’re trying to improve your health, a great place to start is by improving your sleep. Here are some of my top tips to improve your sleep:   Consistency:  Keep a relatively consistent bedtime and wake time. Staying up late and sleeping in on weekends can disrupt your...

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