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Why Snackpacking is so important

We often hear nutritionists and various health professionals saying things like, eat more to eat less OR regular small meals can increase your metabolism, maintain stable blood sugars by eating regularly, reduce cravings by increasing your protein etc .  After some investigation into these claims we have come to the conclusion that what they are saying is TRUE plus so much more when it comes to the importance of feeding our bodies regularly.  There are just so many ways that regular, balanced meals and snacks can improve your health and well being.

We have listed a few of the reasons we too, believe our SnackPacks are ace in the quest for optimal health...


Stable blood sugars - eating healthy snacks 1-2 times daily between meals can stabilise blood sugars which in turn reduces sugar highs & lows, providing ability to sustain energy levels and better moods


Increased Productivity - When you go for long periods without food it can often result in feeling lethargic, irritable and lacking in concentration.  None of these things contribute to productivity so snacking can helps to maintain mental clarity and stop the grump setting in.


Manage Cravings - Our Snackpacks include essential macro nutrients - Protein, Fats and Carbs full of fibre these energise and take longer for our body to metabolise so will therefore reduce the feeling to reach for empty calorie snacks that offer little nutritional benefits. If you are eating smaller nutritious snackpack in between meals this can result in eating less when it comes to meal times as you arent as ravenous and looking to inhale everything in site


Portion Controlled - All of our SnackPacks are portion controlled and are packed with nutrient dense foods that provide just enough to keep you going without over eating.


Convenience - When we are pushed for time and have limited access to good food options we often find ourselves resorting to refined carbs from the  vending machines or the morning tea muffins and cakes - these kind of foods can put you on the vicious sugar craving cycle and make you feel lethargic and grumpy - YUCK!  If you invest in a Snackpack on hand you dont have to resort to the nasties anymore! They are fabulous for in between client meetings or the pick me up before your gym session. Most people contribute weight gain and poor nutrition to not having time to prepare good food.  Let us do that for you.


Natural Ingredients - SnackPack believe in keeping it real! If it didnt come from Mother Nature then it isnt meant for our bodies.  We avoid E Numbers, preservative and Trans fats.


But wait theres more...... if you buy SnackPacks you'll also find Mineral & Vitamins included at no extra charge:) - Our Snackpacks include vital minerals and vitamins that contribute to health and cell structure such as: Omega 3 & 6's, Vitamin A, B, C and E, magnesium, selenium, potassium, iron.


Soooooo, if you are ready to take control of what you put in your bodies and enjoy all the benefits of regular Snacking why not invest in a Snackpack and start feeling the difference x